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Czwartek, 2018-09-20

Imieniny: Eustachego, Faustyny

Zagadnienia na etap ustny V Powiatowego Konkursu Języka Angielskiego


Zapraszamy do zapoznania się z zagadnieniami na etap ustny V Powiatowego Konkursu Języka Angielskiego dla Gimnazjalistów




  1. Your school days. Your best and worst subjects – why? Is school necessary? Is it well organised? What would you change about the Polish educational system? The perfect school. The perfect teacher.
  2. Pets. Why do people keep animals? List the possible advantages and disadvantages of having a pet. Which animals make good pets? A couple of years ago people around the world started keeping tamagochi – little electronic pets. Nowadays some young people have pets on their smartphones. What do you think about it?
  3. Why is it important to know foreign languages? List all possible advantages of knowing foreign languages. What languages can you speak? Which languages would you like to learn and why? Do you enjoy learning languages? What do you find the most difficult in language learning?
  4. Dreams and nightmares. Have you ever had a dream you’ll never forget? Describe it. Do you believe in dream - interpretation? Do you know the meaning of any symbols on dreams? Has any of your dreams come true?
  5. List the advantages and disadvantages of: being the only child, having a brother or sister and living in a big family. What family would you like to have in the future and why?
  6. Why are mobile phones gaining in popularity? Are they changing our life? What are the recent technological developments in this area?
  7. Advertisements you like or dislike. Do they make people want to buy the products? How to create a successful advertisement?
  8. Body language.  Is it important? Why do people use gestures to communicate? Explain what certain gestures indicate.

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